Mavic Mini flyaway and lost


I lost my mavic mini. There was an error and I lost RC.
It stated that it is RTH but it did not come back.

Attached is the info,

Please help.

The reason the aircraft did not return, is first due to the fact that you cancelled the RTH. Secondly immediately after RTH was cancelled, you lost all sattelites. NavHealth dropped to zero and the aircraft auto-switched to ATTI mode. You did not even attempt to recover. It simply drifted away in the wind until signal loss.

This started with losing RC with the Mini. I was not able to control the Mini at all.
What should I do to recover ?

It is possible to project the likelihood the location of the mini?
I would go there to search for it.


That is only partially true. It is very controlable in ATTI mode, as long as you are in VLOS. There is no GPS positioning in ATTI. The RC was transmitting other data, so one would assume that it was also transmitting your inputs. There were none.

It is possible, but most difficult to do. Even at that, it is only making a guess.