Mavic Mini Fly away :(

Hey Guys,

New to the drone world and the forum, took my little mini out for a spin today - after a couple of minutes flight the wind got stronger and took it off into the direct sunlight, this alongside the wind made me lose a visual and the drone went behind a tree line - eventually losing RC Signal.

RTH didn’t seem to work, i’ve downloaded the flight logs but dont have any experience working from these, all i can ascertain is that in its final readings it was in a semi high altitude hover with little speed.

Happy to send the log ( i cant attach as a new user ), really appreciate some help - been in the woods searching for 6 hours

Can anyone steer me in the right direction;
A) Did it likely crash at that location ?
B) Would it of attempted a RTH and come down elsewhere?

without a log is hard to give answers.

use this link and post the link on here



Too much wind for this Mini Flight.
As you can see without RC input it just drifted slowly backwards, heading drone towards HP.
In the last part NO fully fwd RC input in Sport mode, so drone kept moving backwards.
If a RTH was there after the connection loss, it would still drift backwards.
This until batt level is low for a safe autolanding.
With 69% battery power left, a long distance to move on, guess about 500 meter.


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Thats really helpful , thanks so much.

Please may I ask how you export the flight log data to display as it does in your images here? Much easier to read…




Made in FRAP, a windows program.
Download ZIP here >!tSQRXIoT!OzoLm4H9IsHUb6A6GJ5RBtxm4Gq7BevyL5Buo3bi4kg


Hello JJB!
Can you upload again this mega software?

ofcourse, latest version on a new link


Thank you