Mavic Mini flew away on me

Hi. I’ve haven’t had any issues with my Mini until this afternoon. I had planned on taking the drone up to about 100 feet to take some aerial videos… After auto takeoff and getting the drone in the air, I ascended the mini up to about 100 feet. As I turned the drone to the north, it began to accelerate and take off on it’s on. I received no messages and the drone was unresponsive to the controller.

Using the find my drone feature, I was able to locate it, and unfortunately, it crashed into a tree. but the camera was dislodged and one of the main camera cables was severed.

Would anyone know what might have happened for the drone to fly off on its own?

Here’s a link to the log:

Hi Burg,

if you look the heading at35 seconds, your MM is facing (cam - front) to the South.
In your text i read facing North.

Do you know at wich heading the MM was on the ground? (not the log value but actual value heading?)



Originally I placed my Mavic Mini on the ground facing South. However, when I reached about 100ft altitude and attempted to turn the MM towards the North, it accelerated on its own towards the North.

I was recording video:

You can see at about 22-23 seconds is when the drone takes off. At 27 seconds, it begins to spin to the west, while continuing to accelerate in a northen direction, and then, well, you can see what happens. Once the drone began to fly off, I first tried to gain control. Then I pressed home. Then I ran after it, to try and keep it in view.

Oke, a typical compass interference problem.
Your drone was heading 054 at the ground, not facing S.

This will cause a fly away when the compass hdg is different than the actual drone heading.

Always check before take off if the showed hdg in the map view equals the actual heading.
MMcompass check

PS you did start this flight with zero satellites, so first part of the flight was in OPTI mode.
After 15 seconds HomePoint was recorded. Best is to wait to have enhough satelliets and good reception (>= 3 bars).


Thank you very much for your feedback. For future reference I will ensure satellite and good reception.


and always perform the before and after takeoff checks.
(this fly away had nothing to do with opti and no GPS at startup)
see my checklist.

Happy many landings,

One minor correction. RTH does work in ATTI mode, as long as you have a good home point set and the compass is working.

Hi DocDJI,

Not sure if you are correct…

DJI drone will disable use of GPS data if a compass/yaw/imu error is there, without use of GPS data no way of returning to home. Same for GPS loss (too little satellites aand/or low reception).

Cannot think for a MM a situation where its flying in ATTI and have usage of GPS data and have a working compass.

I was referring to ATTI mode in general with the qualifications I gave of a working compass, properly set HP, and GPS being available. On other aircraft, you can switch to ATTI mode, and RTH still works. ATTI mode, itself, does not preclude RTH. However, if the only way to get into ATTI mode on the aircraft is through loss of GPS, then RTH won’t work correctly, but it’s not because of ATTI mode, but because of how ATTI mode got triggered.

oke, but my checklist if for a MM, no manual selection for ATTI.
Thanks for the explanation.