Mavic Mini ESC No Force Then Fly away please help!


I’m new to the forum so please forgive me if this is in the wrong section or being vague!

The mini is my third drone and on my 100th flight, it showed an error ESC no force which I believe is to do with the propellers/motors but when I tried to RTH it started drifting away, I even chased it in my car once it lost signal but lost it. I used find my drone to locate it but it wasn’t there, I even extended my search to more than 25 houses and checked gardens (people were super nice and understanding) but no luck. I don’t have refresh on the drone so worried that’s it? Or do I have a case for a replacement as it is still only 6 months old?

Please help! Really appreciated!

I can’t attach my log as it says this isn’t allowed for new users so I’ve uploaded to Dropbox-

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Hi Mohamed,

Can you link to your flightlog.txt ?

Or use this link >
and post that uploaded link on here.



Thanks for getting back to me!

I’ve uploaded here -

Really appreciate this!



too much wind for your MM! many warnings about high wind conditions.
Flying at 120 meters not a good idea, more wind there!

RTH mode ; MM drifted backwards, away from you…
Even in SPORT mode with 100% forward on the RC, drifting backwards.

Hard to tell where it has landed, but my calulated guess is at the orange marker.

Purple in the chart = RTH mode, gray = SPORT mode

Completely agreed with @JJB. Unfortunately this is Pilot error. This full up throttle climb after being in TRIPOD pretty much initiated the fly away, due to the high altitude winds.

Notice the wind speed and direction at altitude.

Wind 2

Thanks guys, really appreciated, thanks for taking time out.

I guess the mini can’t cope like the 3 Pro and Mavic I’ve had before it!