Mavic Mini drone not pairing with controller

My Mavic Mini Fly More combo was originally bought in Thailand

Earlier this year, I had my Mavic Mini unit replaced in Australia after the gimbal failed (which I note is a regular occurrence).

I am now struggling to pair the drone to the controller.

Before you send me the official links on how to do it, please know that I have attempted this incalculable times, and the beeping noise the controller makes is ringing in my ears like a digital Quasimodo working the bells at Notre Dame.

Both units appear to be in solid working order - the controller connects to the app easily, and the drone is clearly looking for an RC connection (yellow flashing lights).

I have upgraded the firmware of both the drone and controller via Assistant 2.

I have deleted the DJI Fly app off my phone (iPhone 13 Pro), and re-added. I have installed the app on an older phone (iPhone 11 Pro).

All to no avail.

I’m now left with two guesses:

  1. could there be an issue with the controller being from Thailand and the drone from Australia? Is there some wiring/coding/frequency in the controller that might need to be physically changed?

  2. could there be too much wifi interference for the drone and the controller not to be able to connec? Doubtful, but I will take both to an open space and give it a go.

Any insights and assistance would be gratefully received.

Dear all

Please find the response from DJI below. Disappointingly, I appear to have been scrogged by the the repair/replacement:

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support.

We are very sorry to hear about the problem with your Mavic Mini.

Upon checking the provided Serial Number of your aircraft after repair and remote controller, unfortunately, the aircraft after the repair is FCC version, the original remote controller is CE version (Europe version).

We checked your device via our system, the local dealer D1store sent back your CE version aircraft to our local service center in Melbourne for repair under CAS-8118608-W5F1P4. However, your aircraft and remote controller are CE versions, and your area(Australia) only supports the FCC version.

Due to cross-version issues, the local service center replaced your aircraft of CE vesion to aircraft of FCC version. They do not have the repair material of CE version. Then you received the FCC aircraft, which can not link with the RC of CE version.

You are advised to contact D1store with this issue, and confirm if they can further assist you with the RC version issue.

Thanks for your cooperation and kind understanding!

If the dealer is not available or cannot help, please give us feedback. We will surely check and provide further assistance.