Mavic Mini Constantly Losing Connection

Trying to figure out why my mini is constantly going into connection lost. Shows no video on screen, does not respond to inputs. Then either autolands or RTH. This is my first drone and i have not had it long, but this seems very frustrating. Live in a rural area of 1.25 acres+ lots so the houses/home wifis are not on top of eachother. it even loses signal when its with in arms reach of me. Not quite sure whats going on. All the firmware is up to date. Will loose connection multiple times during 4-5 minute flights. Thanks for any input.

I uploaded one of the flight logs as an example, though i dont understand them. Can see it states multiple “downlink restored” messages.

Make sure your device(phone, tablet etc) is the only device accessing the drones wifi. Devices that have previously accessed the mini and are near to you, will auto access the mini wifi along with your current viewing device creating weak signal. Also, be sure you have force stopped any other apps that have been opened to access the mini if on Android. These apps remain in memory and will conflict with each other unless force stopped.

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I had the same issue today, I reinstalled app DJIfly, didn’t help.
I’ll try tomorrow With closed other apps, before I didn’t have this problem. My Mini is one week old, it’s my second one.