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Mavic Mini can't take photos and videos at the same time

Hi guys,
I’ve tried but my fantastic Mavic Mini does everything but I can’t take photos while I’m making a video, and this is just a software issue; some of you maybe know how to contact the DJI Software Team development so they maybe give us a new firmware capable to do that; and I’m sure it will be possible because they are DJI (Mavic Mini firmware 1.00.0500?).
Please let me know what you think, thank you
Pietro P.

None of the other aircraft can do that either. Your best option is to screen shot in post production.

Hi Fly_Dawg and thank you for your answer,
well what can I say? this is too bad! As you know while we’re recording you must stop, then take the photo, and after that start recording again, this is not normal! For example every sony handycam let you do that, it’s the software, and you’re telling me that DJI (best drones factory in the world) cannot give us that? I do not believe you! Send me a software developing headquarter e-mail address and I’ll write them, this is unbelievable!!! Peter

My Phantom 4 Pro could do it.

The Phantom 4 Pro can capture a photo while recording video, however, it is actually a frame grab so the photo will have the same resolution as the video being recorded.

So you agree. Thanks.

hope that a DJI software engineer is going to see this message and help me, don’t want to use Premiere Pro everytime! you know?

Wouldn’t you rather have 30 frames per second to choose from, than the random one, selected by poor timing of the shutter button during video recording? Most video players can also select a screen grab of any individual frame from the video. It’s still good enough for sharing, but not for large prints. For the latter, you need to dedicate the sensor to taking a photo by first turning off the video.

I prefer FHD 60fps so in this case I’ll have to choose from 60 frames but less quality, in any case you have to remember from where you want to take the photo (which second and minute) or you’ll have to watch the entire video again, go on a PC, edit the video and get the photo. This is the now procedure. Wouldn’t you prefer to fly recording and anytime you want click on the photo botton and take a shot, immediately ready to be used on the smartphone and shared on Istagram? Wouldn’t be better and faster? Moreover, if we want to dream seriously I’d like to take FHD 60fps videos and take photos in 2.7K at the same time. The software is there, DJI is one of the best brand in business and when I read that was not possible to take photos while recording for all DJI models I couldn’t believe it. Really. This is my first drone ever.

The P4P and the Mavic 2 both offer the feature you are seeking. However, they have far superior processing power to support 4K at 60fps and 30fps respectively. When you buy a $399 2.7K 249g drone for 25% of the price of the big boy aircraft, sacrifices have to be made. You can always upgrade.

You’re right, the Mavic Mini it’s already a miracle, this is the reason why I bought it; this is the only thing I can complain about, everything else is OK for me. I repeat it’s a question of software, for me they can do it. Recording in FHD 60fps and photos while recording in 2.7K.

Depends upon why it isn’t currently in the feature set. It may not be possible with the current hardware. If it is, then it is still a possibility, but I suspect the hardware or camera may not be capable of it. They had to really strip out a lot of capabilities to get the weight down to 249g.

I read somewhere that the incredible weight is because of the battery kind (very light), you can also reserve up to 16gb of cache for the videos, why not for the photos? One camera only, while you recording a video another ‘small’ software can ‘select’ a photo (frame) for you using the cache, not possible? Cannot upgrade the hardware, maybe for the Mavic Mini 2.