Mavic Mini available for pre-order

The Mavic Mini is now available for pre-order through the DJI Store and other authorized DJI dealers here. It looks like the first units will be shipped out the second week of November.

Are you planning on buying the Mavic Mini? Which package are you going to buy?

Unfortunately, the Fly More Combo is estimated to ship in 20-25 business days after payment confirmation, which means delivery during the first or second week of December. Only the Mavic Mini is estimated to ship in 7-10 business days after payment confirmation.

Yes, the Fly More Combos often take longer to send out (not sure why). That’s why I almost always buy the non-combo package on release days when I want to get my hands on a new drone as soon as possible.

I’ve just finally pulled the trigger on the MM Fly more package on Friday from the DJI Store before realising the 20 to 25 business days delivery time :pensive: I should have done what you do. Talk about kick myself ! I don’t understand why it takes so long. Oh well, I know for better next time round.

Did you try checking with your local DJI dealers? Some of them might have stock. A lot of dealers in the US have stock.

Yes I did, unfortunately in the UK there is no stock (from official stores) of the flymore combo package … they just have the basic mini package. :slightly_frowning_face:

Mavic Mini Flymore Combo finally arrived from DJI yesterday … longest wait in history, certainly felt like it anyway.

Put it all together, did all the downloads etc this evening and finally managed to put it in the air. It may grow on me but am I the only one that at the minute prefers the Spark to the Mini ?

Finally! :slight_smile:

I’d take the Spark if I could only keep one. It’s much more durable than the Mavic Mini.

I think I’m with you on that one. I think DJI should have improved on the Spark in a few ways rather than bring this Mavic Mini out, it’s ok but it isn’t setting the world on fire for me.