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Mavic lost in unknown direction


My Mavic was okay for about 10 minutes flying and shooting above iced lake, weather was good, but a bit windy. When I started climbing the drone refused to react to the forward/backward stick and started flying away in a straight direction. I was able to control the height and heading of the drone. The wind wasn`t that strong and precise to make it impossible to go back even in sport mode. The log shows multiple switches between sport and P-GPS modes, though I only did it a couple of times. I have flown in much worst conditions and everything was good. Who can say what could have happened?
Thanks to everyone!


If it was a “bit windy” at ground level it was a LOT more windy higher up.

  1. UAV Forecast
  2. As terrain allows, get lower.

You can see what Airdata calculated here.


A “bit” windy appears to be an understatement. The aircraft was unable to cope with the high winds at that altitude. Full elevator had no effect as the winds were too strong.


You likely won’t find your Mavic since the search area is large and it likely landed in an area that’s going to be tough to search on foot. Here’s where I’d start searching:


I am here again! Happy to announce that today I found my Mavic after the snow has melt and the area appeared to be accessible! Thanks to everybody and never stop searching! The drone works well, but the battery has passed away. Will try to find out what has happened.


Where did you find it?