Mavic Crash

Mavic Pro suddenly lost altitude. Appears to be battery related, battery was still in after crash

Thoughts ?

Thanks for using CsvView. I often find myself trying to interact with plots like this to explore other data items. But, then I realize I can’t. Could you provide the .DAT please.

If I’m not mistaken FLY121.DAT came from a P4P not a MP??

correct file :slight_smile:

When looking at a suspected abrupt power interruption I like to use DatCon first to obtain the motor data at the highest possible sample rate. Then use CsvView to see if there is an observable voltage collapse at the end of the recorded .DAT. There wasn’t a voltage collapse here.

I can’t offer a reason for the abrupt end to .DAT. Does the MA still power up?

Ok, good info, will look at datcon 1st infuture, , the Mavic is fine. All motors are fine, It’s almost as if the battery was loose . After crash battery was clipped in securely. Same battery powers up and has flown the drone today with no issue. Thanks for your help