Mavic crash recovery suggestions

I crashed my drone yesterday. I got the GPS coordinates where it crashed and also looked at the flight logs. Despite looking in the area on the day of the crash I couldn’t find it. I would imagine its stuck in a tree or the undergrowth.

Can anyone suggest how to recover the drone. I thought about sending another drone up at the crash site to see if its visible, or waiting for the leaves to fall off to increase visibility

Are you sure you checked the correct location?

If you’d like other people to review your flight log, then upload it here and post the link back here.

Fairly sure I was in the correct location.
Here’s my flight log

Not a fun area to search in

While it might be tough to see in that area, it definitely landed (or crashed into a tree) at 52.62453958, -2.5092829. If you haven’t done so already, plug those exact coordinates into the map app on your mobile phone and go to that exact spot. It should be somewhere close by.

That’s exactly what I did, I used google maps on my phone with the coordinates but couldn’t find anything. Hoping to go back tomorrow to search. Would the IMU Altitude and VPS Altitude be accurate to aid me?

VPS is more accurate since it’s the distance between the bottom of the drone and nearest obstacle below it. In this case though, it’s not going to be too helpful since it was most likely detecting the treetops beneath it.

Thanks for all your help it’s much appreciated. I’ll let you know if I recover the drone

I successfully found it this morning. It was in the same spot I was looking the other day but was very hard to see.!

Thanks for your help man!