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Mavic air will not power on

Hello, I have a one year old mavic air that will not power on. This is the first issue I have had with this Drone, I usually fly on average 2-3 times a month, have never crashed the drone and prior to today I haven’t for about 5 weeks. I have three good batteries (fly more combo) and charged the batteries and controller prior to trying to fly. I put a fully charged battery in and pressed the on button and held it to power up. It lights up all four green LEDs and about the time it should sound off and power on the battery LEDs go off. I tried with a three charged batteries with the same result. Has anyone experienced this issue - possible fix?

Thanks very much.

Power up sequence isn’t just pushing the button one time.
Try pushing one time, let it go, then push a second time.
This information is based on your sentence that says
“pressed the on button and held it to power up”