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Mavic Air using Epson BT - 200 fpv glasses

I am looking for help on setting up a Mavic Air and Epson BT - 200 glasses. I started messing around drones a long time ago, assembling one from parts. They were primitive to say the least, too primitive for me and my very limited electronic know-how. Sometime later I bought a used Phantom and a used pair of Epson BT - 200 glasses. I had a computer background friend that tried to help me but we never got it working so I sold the Phantom. I kept the glasses thinking someday I might get a FPV system. Well last year I found a used DJI Mavic Air for sale and it seems to fit my limited piloting skills. I got the glasses back out and want to use them at FPV flying. Problem is that at 73 years old and with VERY limited electronic skills I need help. I really don’t have any Idea what to do or where to start. I am open to paying someone to set it up and to give me some assistance on what to do. I was able to get a person on a forum to suggest downloads but I have no idea how this stuff works. At this point I need real help, I can’t do it myself. I am a snowbird living in central Florida until April, then back to Ohio for the summer. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks, Jeff

I just watched YouTube video about the Epson Moverio BT200 Smart Glasses. The attached controller doesn’t support Google Play. It does mention downloading from a third party app.
Epson Moverio BT200 Smart Glasses Review - YouTube Were you able to download the DJI Go 4 to the Epson controller. At time point 7:34 it does mention a drone app. Good luck.