Mavic Air Suddenly Loses Signal Completely

I was flying the MA in Chania, Crete. At one point, I flew as far as 156 meters from the home point (not very far) and never had any signal interruption - everything was perfect. I flew back and forth near a church building located approximately 150 meters from the home point. On the third attempt to get a good shot of this building, upon approaching it, at about 140 meters, the drone loses signal with the RC and initiates a RTH. Usually when this happens, the video feed cuts out for a brief moment and I’m able to then get signal again shortly after; however, this time I could not regain signal at all the entire time that the drone flew back and landed (thankfully safely) back at the home point. Does anyone have any idea what could’ve possibly made the drone completely lose signal with the RC and be unable to regain it at all, even when the drone was flying back to the home point?

Here are the logs: That was the last log I could find before the signal cut out.

Thanks in advance

Simply going by the location of your launch point, I am very surprised that you did not loose signal numerous times. You did get an interference warning at 61.5 seconds in to the flight. Signal reliability can be compromised in a highly congested area, especially with numerous buildings that can reduce the signal strength. Other than that, your flight looks normal. As for regaining signal, most times the RC will reaquire assuming there is no interference. In this case, however, I would think ( And assuming the launch point is accurate ) that re-gaining would be iffy at best. Other than the notations here, again the flight looks completely normal with one exception that should not have anything to do with signal. You did have a small GPS positioning error during the flight. As shown in the shaded area’s of the graph below.