Mavic Air self crash in the water - total loss

I have been sucessfully flying my mavic Air for the last month,
Today I was taking picture from my boat for the second time.

I was in tracking mode (profile) and I had a smooth run. As it happens with fast moving subjects, the tracking lost us. As I was turning back, the drone suddenly shifted on the right and crashed in the water.

I was not event touching the remote at that point. The dron should have stayed level.
I can not figure out why this happened. I can only see a motor failure or some software malfunction.

Please find in attachement the txt file for analyse.

Anyway, the result for me is a total loss (50m deep, no chance).

I am really dispaointed I muss say.

Your TXT file is not attached above. Please upload it here and post the link back here.

I can not see anything glaringly obvious to the cause of the loss of the drone from the flight log .:pensive:

Do you have a cached copy of the video you were recording?

Yes, I do.
I opened a ticket with your customer center. They will do a in deep analyse, I already provided them Flight log / record and cached video.

They are supposed to make a full report. I will tel you know what they find out.

But as already said, as I was not touching anything on the remote, No wind condition, butyfull weather, I don’t really see anything else than a software or motor malfunction.

Can you post the video here?

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