Mavic Air P-GPS and Sport modes - auto switching back and forth

Mavic Air rapidly switches back and forth between Sport and P-GPS modes with no input from the operator (see below). This only seems to happen after the initial manual shift to sport mode after takeoff. From a log review of several flights, this happens often but not always, and the number of “self switching” occurrences varies from just a few to more than a dozen. Anyone know the cause of this problem and how to resolve it? Just had a new main board installed under warranty in the aircraft but this same problem occurred before and after the installation. Is it a possible remote controller hardware problem or an aircraft calibration issue? TIA for any insights!

Does the mode switch if you wiggle the Sport mode switch on the remote controller?

If that does cause the mode to switch, then you’ll need to get your remote controller repaired. If that does not cause the mode to switch, then you should try a different Mavic Air remote controller to rule that out as the cause of the problem.

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If sport switch is mechanical worn down, possibly you could sparingly spray it locally caig deoxit?
Deoxit might work, cycle switch deenergized, evaporate wait, try it out and observe result.

In another forum, the OP said the switch feels solid when toggled.

Then if fitup snug sounds ok mechanically. The mode select circuitry then could be ghosting after effect entrailment, the switch back and forth regardless of mechanical position. I canr see how to resolve other than trying known good rc from borrowed mavic air owner. That really isolates glitch down. What if persists?

We figure out plan B :slight_smile:

It verywell could be intended programmers recourse protecting casualty for emergent condition insufficiency ampere distribution center.
Just as our bodies prioritize what to keep operating in dire circumstances, could it be the strain destabilizing ampere availability could disrupt expectant behavior? What if some discrete component already is injured, say partial insulation burnthru of motor winds insulatory coat, will programmers ampere check warn? Warns do not affirm permanent irreversible changes i.e., damage report.

Odd but it has not had this problem lately. Like any electronic/electrical problem, you can’t fix it if you can’t consistently reproduce it. Not that I miss it happening of course!

Best troubleshoot is restore back to stock and observe. If still persistent likely injury has occurred.