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Mavic Air lost connection with RC

Hi all, this is my first time posting in a DJI help forum. I bought the Mavic Air a couple of years a ago, and would say am still a novice flyer, as my flight experience added up no more than 10 times…

Yet I had my scariest moment earlier this month. My drone somehow lost control (did not respond to any of my RC joystick commands, etc), and more precisely should have lost connection with the RC. It was never far from my VLOS, and in panic, I pressed the RTH even though I didn’t think it can receive the signal.

Somehow, it did RTH location (phew), hovered in mid air and could not land (as my RC cannot command it to), and I had to hold onto it, and force it to power off.

The entire flight was around 5~6 mins (as checked from the SIM card video) and hence it should not have RTH from low battery.
Due to my inexperience and under panic, I did not check any abnormalities as may have been shown on the RC screen. I also didn’t know that I can disconnect & reconnect the RC’s USB cable with my iphone X to try re-establishing connection…

Grateful if someone can review and shed some light. Pls let me know if you need further .DAT flight records. BTW, you can see that the flight log didn’t indicate that my drone RTH location.