Mavic Air is at Bottom of Lake. Please help read log.

This happened a few years ago but just became aware that I could see the flight data and ironically also just found the phone that was used for the flight. I was flying the drone over a lake when I lost connection and the drone seems to have just fallen into the water. I also have a video cache and it ends with the drone still up in the air then freezes for 45 seconds or so and then ends.

I’m not seeing much in the data but I’m also not sure what to look for. Could someone with more experience please look it over and give your opinions?

The flight data is here: DJI Flight Log Viewer -

There is really not enough data here to confirm anything. However, if I had to give this a shot, my theory would be thusly…

You were traveling at a very high rate of speed when LOW BATTERY RTH initiated. The aircraft immediately braked to stop very violently. You went from ~ 35mph to 0 in ~ 2 seconds. At the same time you were still giving elevator command. The aircraft did stabilize and you released elevator. After the aircraft turned, it appears to have begun the climb to RTH altitude. All of the above occurred in less than 10 seconds, followed by complete signal loss, therefore no additional data. The theory being, and it might be a stretch, is that the very hard stop damaged the aircraft in some manner, either mechanically or electrically. It doesn’t look like a prop issue but again without more data, guessing is about all you can do. ( See Below )

That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to help me! It was 4 years ago but it still burns me haha. Thanks again.