Mavic Air Grouped software historical

Continuing the discussion from HOW TO: Downgrade Mavic Air firmware:

Received replacements drone and rc and could rollback drone unto V01.00.0200 and rollback rc unto V01.00.0000

I do not know why asst2 Version 1.2.4 will not display 2nd stringed numbering schema using “V01.04.0200 & V01.04.0000” because that’s what is shown on forum links of folks attempting anti-rollback drone fw V01.04.0400

maybe the replacements have purposely indifferent fw numbering schema?

devices fly using djigo4 version 4.3.14 samsung galaxy s8

still the lost signal close radius, still the warns strong aircraft interference, weak signal antenna please orient favorably, black and white screen imagery, latency of screen “catch up” , which was the replacements purpose overcoming said consistent ills.

come to find out maybe dept defense has umbrella jammer thruout the air space?

prior devices were okay until around march2019 enticed upgrades to drone plus apk plus all batteries algorithms , unsure if rc got flashed cabled unto s8 phone djigo4 too.

asst2 says must operate djigo4 ver4.3.0 minimally regarding fw flashing, but i desire ver 4.2.12 which defies asst2ver1.2.4

maybe an earlier asst2 version prior ver1.2.4 will be compatible granting fw writes besides the other features?

who retains these older pc install executables?
right now there’s no need of dumdlore because aircraft fw is below antirollback400