Mavic Air fly away, need flight recordings

I pulled my mavic air out the other day. It hadn’t been flown in a while.

I downloaded the latest version of the DJI fly app. It kept sending errors and would not take off.

After turning it on and off a couple of times and reconnecting it did take off.

I flew it over our home building lot to take some images. It was looking straight down on our construction site, at which point it started to do some uncontrollable loops and lost connection.

I did not have line of sight so I was unable to see where it went down.

Despite bribing all the neighborhood kids to help me find it, I’ve had no luck.

With the app that I was using I can’t seem to find any flight recorder information.

I have connected to the computer to try and find the GPS data or flight recorder but I’m unsure exactly what I’m looking for.

Can anyone help me find the last recorded GPS data so I would be able to locate the drone?

I’m flying a DJI mavic air, with Android Galaxy s22 Plus

If you were using DJI Fly, you can follow the instructions on this page to locate the TXT flight log stored on your Galaxy S22 Plus.

I can see some of the flight logs, but I don’t see the date that’s most recent that I flew it. Is there a time ever that it doesn’t record the flight?

A TXT flight log is automatically created for every flight. So, it’s very unlikely that you were able to fly without a TXT flight log being generated.