Mavic Air firmware 1.00.0560 released

New firmware has been released for the Mavic Air. The release notes state nothing other than the battery level algorithm has been optimized.

I sequenced step at a time the upgrades of march 2019. 1st the apk, and fly with batteries withheld of upgrade. Same performance as usual before march2019 apk upgrade. Then strong kite winds deferred flying until this weird quiescent morning before light, so upgraded batteries were flown. I didnt examine battery performance effects from fw updating. But you know what, the nag compass cal disappears and descent acoustic “gurgling” disappears. I repeated three each batteries all fw march2019 updated. Craft velocity peaks out still the same (i never use sport, it ruins) 19.3mph. There was no sensory protection because its very dark and i can not acknowledge finger that nag because theyre on both sticks but they eventually cycle. I must find the battery performance change resultant to fw. Mere algorithm is blind testimony, sort of leaves you hanging. You’d think furthered flight capacity, but maybe algorithm really is mere safety improvements (charge,discharge,reset chrono,thermocouple, and what not)