Mavic Air firmware 1.00.0500 released

New firmware has been released for the Mavic Air. Here are the notable changes:

  • Fixed the issue where the aircraft behaved abnormally when it misidentified a subject in ActiveTrack

  • Fixed the issue during RTH where the aircraft continued to fly backward when it sensed obstacles both in front and behind

  • Fixed the issue where the time displayed on photos was incorrect

  • Fixed the issue where the aircraft flight distance was still restricted despite the Distance Limit being disabled in DJI GO 4

  • Fixed the issue where the abnormal current warning appeared too frequently in some situations

  • Fixed the issue where the aircraft could not land due to issues with the remote controller control sticks

The full list of changes are available in the Mavic Air release notes on the Mavic Air downloads page.

It appears those release notes have been pulled.

DJI pulled them today for some reason. You can still access them here.

Funny i didn’t get any updates. Still running the 0400 patch. Just ran my drone just to get this updates and it says no updates found and i am up to date. Are they rolling these out per region or something?

It looks like DJI decided not to move forward with rolling out the update. Perhaps they found an issue with it.

Well that sucks. Hope they get it resolved soon though. The changelog kinda looks promising.

The new firmware release has returned again:

The revised release notes are now up on the Mavic Air downloads page. A few changes were made since the brief September 26th release (see this comparison).

Updated to newest. Video lag was tremendous. Immediately downgraded. No video lag. If someone can confirm what they encounter,please. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Thanks(iPad mini 4)

Activetrack and smart gesture was just messed up. Cant detect my hand and activetrack made the drone fly as if a complete idiot was piloting it. Definitely rolling back once i get home.