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Mavic air fell out the sky 3 times

Hey everyone, I need to have some skilled help in understanding this log, I am too stupid to understand what’s actually occurring. any help provided would be certainly grand and kind, thanks so much.

Due to a few bad landings, I am nervous there’s an internal issue, while I don’t believe so I would appreciate any help guiding me to the best solution!

Your Mavic didn’t fall out of the sky. After 40 seconds, it determined the battery voltage was critically low and auto landed. This is a safety measure to ensure the Mavic is able to land before the battery is too low to fly.

You can see the battery percentage decreased from 90% to 0% right when it began to auto land. If you’re able to reproduce that behavior with that battery, then the battery might be defective.

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Thanks for the quick response Mike! my apologies it definitely didn’t fall out of the sky just being dramatic, this flight record here however did slam the drone into the ground lol:

This was with another battery. I think you may be spot on with the battery being defective or my bad maintaining of the batteries, If I was a gambler I’d go with the latter, the question is since I have had this same occurrence happen with other batteries, Should I go the route of getting new batteries & take better care of them, or is it possible there something else that could be impacting the battery life?

This certainly looks like you may have 2 defective batteries. Your first posted flight, Cell #3 was the issue. In your second posted flight, it was Cell #2. The batteries appeared to be well in balance at the beginning of each flight, however I will note that it is not a good idea to take off on less the 100% Battery. Charging fully will ensure proper cell balance, unless there is an issue with thye battery in the first place. I included the battery serial numbers in the graphs below for reference. Proper maintenance on batteries is extremely important. I would bear that in mind for the future.

First Posted Flight:

Second Posted Flight:

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You both are tremendously amazing humans thanks so much for all the effort!