Mavic Air crashes after 5 seconds of taking off


I tried to fly my Mavic Air on July 4th. I had just taken it off when the drone suddenly careened and crashed. I later got a message on my phone that a processor had overheated. I sent in the drone to repair and they are charging me $100 because of their assessment:

“1.) No crash found in available flights. 2.) Obvious damage that impairs normal function to unit. Conclusion: Cause of issue is due to physical damage. Damage was not caused by product malfunction.”

I asked for a reassessment, and they stand by it as there is no crash data, and so it is not covered under warranty. They said that GPS was not able to be locked onto either.

I’ve included my flight logs. Does anyone think I can make a case that the product malfunctioned? If not, I’ll just go ahead and pay the $100. I just don’t think I should be paying money because of the fact the drone just suddenly crashed without my doing.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Here are the links:

I agree… With DJI that is :grinning: This appears to not be a flight. It occurred at 2018/07/05 19:41 local The motors had to have started. numSats was only 5, gpsHealth never got greater than 0. There was no control input other than the 2 CSCs, The first to start the motors and the second at 6 secs to stop the motors.

It looks consistent to what happened… i took off the drone manually and it hovered for a few seconds before the engines suddenly cut out. There obviously is a flight record of it, so it would have taken off. Or maybe I need to get new glasses and it all happened in my imagination :grinning:

What I’m still confused about is how there wasn’t any crash log… also how is it possible that the drone took off without a GPS signal? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

Thanks for the help though!

This log shows you did a CSC at 6 secs. Presumably to stop the motors. Are you sure this is the right .txt?