Mavic Air Controller Damages Screen Protector

Newbie here. Recently purchased Mavic Air and I’ve found that when I hook my mobile phone ( Samsung S8) to the controller it damages the ballistic screen protector on it. Has anyone had similar experiences and, if so, any advice on the matter.

You could try using one of these mounts that clamp onto the sides of the phone (instead of all sides of the top and bottom):

You can find a list of other commonly used mounts [here](

Though I HAVE a Galaxy S8, I do not use it for flying, as it’s my phone/email/calendar, everythingelse device, and I don’t want to be using it to fly when somebody needs to contact me.

I have found the screen protectors to be a waste of time and money, and I removed the third one (different brands) that I had tried. I have not looked back since. The phone is now responsive to touch, easy to see, doesn’t have some gummy substance around the edges, and is a wee bit thinner.

So to answer your question, why not just ditch the screen protector?