Mavic Air 2 stops in flight while stick is fully deflected.

Hi all, I am new to the forums and was hoping someone could help me with this problem. My Air 2 was flying fine (Normal mode) and all of a sudden it stopped mid air and hovered there while I had the right stick (pitch) fully forward. I found that if I released the stick and then pushed it forward again the MA2 would start forward flight again, however after just a few seconds it stopped again. This occurred about seven more times on the return flight. I uploaded the TXT file to the flight log viewer and I can clearly see when it happens each time, but I don’t know why. If anyone can look at the log and tell me what is wrong I would appreciate it. The Problem begins right after about 8 minuets and occurs about 7 times over the next couple of minuets. Here is the link to the flight viewer. Thank you to anyone who can take a look and figure out what went wrong.

Is it possible you were flying facing the sun?

Well, this flight was on 12/20/2020 so Winter equinox (12/21/2020) and all, the sun was pretty low in the sky and I was not heading directly at the sun but was within 10 to 15 degrees of it. Looking at the footage again, I never had the sun in the view finder but I did notice a faint lens flare while on the straight line course where I had all the stoppages. I assume you suspect the forward obstacle avoidance sensors were fooled by the sun? That may be the case, however I did not receive any warning beeps like I do when it detects an object.

Most times this happens to me, no prior warning is seen or heard. The drone just stops. The app does produce a warning, but the drone reacts first. You would not have to be flying in direct line for this to occur.

Do you know if any of the other logs has more info, like for the sensors, so I could tell if they were activated? I know there are other logs but do not know how to open them and read.

I’m not aware of log info that would clearly identify what obstacle or what sensor was triggered.