Mavic Air 2 photos leaked

Here are some photos OsitaLV posted of some type of new Mavic:

I’m wondering if the arms are hollow like the mini. Looks to be a separation line in the arms similar to the mini.

The colour and plastics appear to be similar to the MM. Others seem to think it’s a Mavic Air 2. The controller looks like a scaled down version of the recently released DJI Smart controller. Interesting non the less.

They look pretty solid to me. There’s no chance this aircraft is nearly as light as the Mavic Mini, so there would be no reason to make the arms hollow to make it lighter. Besides, the hollow arms are one of the worst features of the Mavic Mini.

Agreed, the hollow design has some flaws and would certainly make me think twice about purchasing another DJI product that has that feature. Time will tell.

Per the FCC info that was posted a few hours ago, here’s a photo of the back of the remote controller:

This FCC listing confirms this is the Mavic Air 2.