Mavic Air 2 into lake with input to ascend

I was flying with my brother in law, shooting some jet ski video and having a jolly good time. At the abrupt end of the flight, the drone started going down while i was inputting command to ascend. At the same time, a notification appeared on the screen saying connection was lost. I watched the video feed which was cut short just as the drone made contact with the water. In looking at the log, it appears the altitude readings were all over the place and there was an input to ascend even as the drone went into the water. I am not an expert in this area, and would love to have someone that with some knowledge to confirm or deny my reading. Has anyone had any success working with DJI in getting a warranty replacement in this type of situation?

Flight Log:

Thank you!!!


had a look at your log. Many max RC inputs at the end, some cross wind as well…so imo your just asked too much of your MA2. With a rate of descend of nearly 2 m/s down, less height to correct and keep the feet dry. No errors in the log.

VPS height not always measuring/indicating ; this signal is an additional signal for controlling height.

Mayby the DAT file will have more info in it, if you like put a link on here to that file ; FLY003.DAT.


Thank you for looking at this. Doesn’t the log show it lost connection just before descending into the lake?

yes, but before the disconnect it already was descending.

What happend in the 14 seconds when disconnected
…last 3 records it was already or just wet.

I would highly dought that this would be considered a warranty situation after reviewing the Data supplied. I suspect that this would be considered Pilot error. There is just not enough data to prove otherwise, unless they happen to see anything in the Encrypted aircraft log that would state otherwise.
As suggested you can upload the .dat file from your device for more analysis. That said, the missing 14 seconds will still be missing, therefore it may not be of much use.

No is the short answer to having any “success working with DJI”. The company has turned into the WORST ever for customer service. You wait forever to get someone on the line. There is a serious language issue. All you get are automatic responses to e-mails. They are blaming COVID but the company has laid off most of its staff. I will never buy a DJI product again. Buy American; Skydio.