Mavic Air 2 firmware 1.00.0340 released

New firmware has been released for the Mavic Air 2. Here are the notable changes:

  • Added Safety Flight Mode to avoid obstacles automatically

  • Added 4K zoom mode & 2x digital zoom

  • Added 4K resolution in Hyperlapse

The full list of changes are available in the Mavic Air 2 release notes on the Mavic Air 2 downloads page.

See more details in this video from FlyPath:

Too bad they didn’t include sensitivity settings for the control joy sticks. I had to buy the Air 2 as a backup when my Phantom 4 Pro had to get repaired. I love the Air 2 for stills, but I definitely have to revert to my P4P when I need slow sweeping cinematic pan for real estate videos. Even in tripod mode, the Air 2 is still too sensitive.