Mavic 3 crash into water from 12ft, no user input
Doesn’t look like there were any errors, flying in sport mode when it decided to just off itself into the Lake.
Any more information I can get from this?

Unfortunately, this looks like Pilot error. There were no error messages, other than a few Weak signal and GPS errors and a strong wind warning. It appears you were far too close to the water for the radical stick inputs. Below shows an earlier portion of the flight where the stick inputs were very similar. At that point after those inputs you lost 5+ feet in altitude, without touching the throttle.

At the end of the flight you will notice the similarity of the inputs below where you also lost altitude from the stick inputs without touching the throttle until right at impact. It was too late.

Thank you for the thoughtful reply. So the lesson learned here is I need to compensate with throttle when accelerating in sport mode while at lower altitudes? I had been cruising between 15 - 18 feet AGL (having taken off from the back of the boat), i slowed to re angle the camera and then pushed the right stick forward to accelerate. I lost all my elevation in the next couple seconds. I guess I assumed altitude would remain somewhat constant if I wasn’t pushing up or down on the left stick.