Mavic 2pro motor problem

I recently purchased a used Mavic 2 Pro, and one of the motors seems to spin more slowly than the others, with a ratcheting wrench effect. The propeller on this motor also sits looser compared to the rest. Is this a major issue, or can I continue flying without worries? I tried blowing into it, but it didn’t help.

I cannot know the answer to this as I would need to actually see the looseness of the propellers and determine if the propellers are the issue, the screws, or the motor itself, and I would need to feel the ratcheting of the motor. All brushless motors ratchet to a degree and two similar motors might feel very different.

But as a newbie, you need to realize that if the motor fails or you lose a propeller, while in flight, that drone will fall out of the sky. And if you are over water, it will fall in the water. If you are over trees, well I hope you climb well. And if it is out of sight, you may very well never see it again…

I wish I could be of more assistance, but if you do not have a local drone club nearby to pick their collective brains, you might want to consider taking it to a specialized Drone repair center or even send it into DJI for an evaluation and possible repair.

Since I do not know if you are located in the US or elsewhere, I will just reference some US sites… If you are elsewhere, well, it’s all on you…