Mavic 2 zoom and iPhones

Are there any of the newer iPhones that won’t work with the Mavic 2 or even the Phantom 3 Standard? I have to upgrade from my old iPhone 6 as it isn’t supported anymore by Apple. I have been looking at the 11. Not sure if I can plug it into my controller or not without some kind of an adapter.

You may need a usb C adapater if your cable does not already support that . I had an iPhone 10XR which worked just fine with the Go4 app and also Litchi (it has a lightning connector like your 6)

The biggest problem you will find is the clamp area tends to cover the very bottom and top of the screen which can make logging in while attached cumbersome as the camera can not see you.

I’ve got an I Phone 11, whilke I haven’t flown a lot, I’ve had no problems. I really like the 11, particularly the battery life.