Mavic 2 remote controller with built-in screen

Here’s a shot of the Mavic 2 remote controller with the built-in screen:

I am not seeing a controller with built in screen.

Zoom in, that’s just the normal controller with a black phone. You can see the arms holding the phone.

You calling the chick with Goggles the built-in screen? This post is so uninformative.

Right, you cannot see a screen. My point is this guy is holding a different type of Mavic 2 remote controller. And he is clearly watching something on the front of it.

Here’s a closer look at it:


Note the different colors on the top and this port is missing:


Also, this grill is missing on the back of the remote controller:


Sorry for the vague post. Word on the street is that DJI is going to sell a Mavic 2 remote controller with a built-in screen. The guy in the photo above might be holding it.

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msinger ~ Great observations here! It defenitely looks like another model. There appears to be other ports on the top, too. SDI or HDMI? A bright CrystalSky RC with iOS so you could load additional, more stable Apps on it! I’d get it. As DJI does seem to be listening to the woes of the consumer in most areas, this is a good possibility.
Thanx for the post!
Where the original photo come from?

You can find it on DJI’s site here.

Here’s a different angle from the beginning of this DJI video:


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Good eye! I believe, I believe!

Here’s a photo of the same guy holding this remote controller in a DJI Facebook ad:


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Wow, you’re hot on the trail. Ya, they show the Mavic 2 Pro but the price for the Zoom.

Here’s a photo showing the front of the remote controller:

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and there’s another nice find! I wonder why it’s wider on the right side.

This will be interesting to see unfold. After following the crystalsky and the p4p+, I’m not convinced I would jump in on that product. iPad mini for me.

Depending on it’s price. I know the higher brightness (nits) and reduced reflection of the CrystalSky monitors are a welcome feature compared to ANY smart phone or tablet out there. I just don’t like the fact that you can’t load many other apps onto the Android OS CrystalSky monitors.
I currently use the 9.7" Apple iPad Pro with my favorite apps and which runs flawless, super fast, and tested to have the brightest screen and the least reflection of any tablet. But not as high in values as the CrystalSky. But I still have to use a monitor shade for best viewing.

It’s finally here: