Mavic 2 Pro zoom crashed

If this is something you’re truly worried about, then you should look into getting liability insurance. After your drone leaves the ground, you’re the only person responsible for its actions.

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They don’t. Unless you command them to do so which you did as has been explained several times. Every single instance of operations cannot be possible to determine. The risk is yours and yours alone.

So you don’t think this is worth considering so we can all fly and land our drone like a flying bricks, hey let’s not worry about safety, it surely takes away the fun of having a 900 grams bricks cruising at 27MPH just above any person. I think you should be thanking me coz if this rips off someone’s face, we could be looking at a complete ban for good. I am not sure if you have ever thought of being proactively thinking about other people’s sake in exchange for your own fun. I still sense that all you can think about is lets blame that fat finger.

Are you saying it’s rocket science? I ask you a question but you refuse to give me a constructive answer. I will ask again, do you think DJI has greatly overlooked this flaw or should we wait till someone’s face gets ripped off then our governmental body figures that it’s time to put a complete ban on drones. I see how you insist on blaming operators but you never once really made a valid argument as to why DJI should be doing something about it or just slide it under the rug.

As I already stated above:
“Yes, they could probably make that feature smarter so it’s able to work better.”

Drones will never be failproof though. The best that one can do is keep the drone within VLOS and don’t fully rely on the automated features to safely fly.

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What @msinger just said! ^^^^^
+1,000! :sunglasses:

What percentage of drone users do you think just fly their drones within their sights? I think your reply is based on hypocritical statements. I must tell you, even DJI never promoted their drones to be flown within a hundred feet or VLOS, I must also tell you they are up selling a drone that can go for miles away.

Please, we don’t need a hypocritical response, let’s talk reality here. We are not talking about hunting a deer here where you shouldn’t be just shooting at no sight.

Are you +1000 hypocrite or simply pretending to be?

You have now lost any credibility that you might have had. You are still biting the hand that feeds you. Time to close this thread, @msinger

So you have taken my words as offensive and now my credibility is gone? I am sorry if your hypocritical argument is solid… Go ahead close the thread, use your almighty phantom power

Your attitude is the problem.

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You know. It is really a sad thing when people try and assist a “pilot” ( and I use that term loosely) and they cannot seem to comprehend nor admit to mistakes they make. This is so childish. I refrain from further comments on this thread. Out.

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