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Mavic 2 Pro video signal capture

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Some Pro have tried to send the video signal from the Mavic 2 pro to a professional editing table for streaming with enough quality to be able to perform / mount on site.
The transmission in a social network would only be valid for the realization and the use of a second RC remote control for camera / video control … I do not know to what extent it would be reliable for the safety of the flight and even if that signal could be sent via USB when lacking HDMI input.
Thanks for your solutions and sharing them.

The Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK, produced a hike across the Hardangervidda plateau, with LIVE coverage. They used a Mavic Pro, and CrystalSky. Mavic Pro supports two simultaneous controllers, so the pilot has Primary RC and the bag in the article has Secondary RC (both with CrystalSky). CrystalSky in the bag has HDMI out. The signal down from the drone goes from the drone to the pilot, and from the pilot on to the bag. Mavic Pro provides full HD (1080p25), but we have chosen to go for 720p50 otherwise in minute by minute production. CrystalSky on Primary RC provides USB power to a 3D printed module that provides red light (tally) and info display from direction control.
Link to their impressive setup here, multicamera TV production in a backpack! (Norwegian language only - sorry)


The information you provide is very good, but unfortunately too old (2018) and does not provide a solution for sending a signal through the USB 3.0 of the RC of the mavic 2 pro … If we had the solution of the input of said signal without resort to a CristalSky something that does not come standard on the M2P. It would be great, although I know it is more complicated. The quality of that signal is something else.

You could contact the broadcaster NRK, their Tech’ dept has a lot of innovative solutions.
Maybe they can help you.

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