Mavic 2 Pro unresponsive, drifts away

Hi all,

I have flown a few times before with my Mavic 2 Pro but lately I’ve been having some very nasty issues…

The drone starts drifting when flying right after I launch it. It will fly forward, moving the stick backwards at that point will do very little… I then try to perform a forced lancing but this just makes it go even more wild. I have tried 3 times now, and 3 times it forced stopped after colliding it’s propellers with an object.

Here are the flight logs:

Some things to note:

  • The controller seems to continuously cycle through Opti, Gps and atti. Making the controller vibrate.
  • I have calibrated both controller and remote before flying
  • obstacle avoidance is not working, at all. even though It’s turned on, every sensor is red.

NOTE: I just updated both controller and drone to the latest and same firmware, but this shouldn’t be a problem, no? I don’t want to try again because I’m afraid of damaging the drone.


That doesn’t seem likely since your first two flight logs were from flights prior to the firmware update.

In your first flight log, you can see the GPS connection was spotty every time the drone was near the buildings. What happens when you fly in a wide open location?

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I have not tried that yet, But in the last log is my backyard, which I have taken off from many times and not a single problem until now.

It’s hard to tell what happened in your last flight since it was short and you were making a lot of erratic stick movements. The downward sensors were probably not able to help keep the drone in place since the lighting conditions were poor.

Why not take your drone out during the day in a location that’s wide open and see if you’re able to reproduce any of these issues? If anything happens, you’ll at least have enough room to safely land.