Mavic 2 Pro lost

Hello all… i lost my M2P today while flying in good conditions. i took off and started recording and flying up and backwards. after one minute the video disappeared and then “Connection Lost”. no warning or beeps at all. the last position on the controller was about 1/2 mile away on land, but not accessible. why would the aircraft just fly away?

How can I upload my log files?

It would be helpful to have both the TXT and DAT flight log from your mobile device.

You can upload the TXT flight log here. See the instructions at the bottom of the page if you’re not sure how to locate that file. After uploading your log, post the link to your uploaded log back here.

See these instructions for locating the DAT flight log. If you’re not able to attach the DAT file here, you can upload it to a file sharing site (like and post the link back here.

thanks for your quick reply… here is the link to the .TXT file.
how to i send the .DAT files, as the loader says only .TXT files and not .DAT.

Either attach the DAT file directly here or upload it to a file sharing site (like and post the link back here.

i get Sorry New Users can not upload Files. i will try Dropbox.

here’s the Dropbox link:

Unless I am reading this incorrectly, there is something awry with the DAT. It is the correct file but there is only 65 seconds worth of data.

these are all the .DAT files i have from today.

Dropbox - 2019-05-31 13_54_00-1633G3F001J065.dat - Simplify your life?
Dropbox - 2019-05-31 13_49_53-1633G3F001J065.dat - Simplify your life

thanks for your help.

You already posted FLY016…that is the correct DAT for the flight. However @BudWalker…all I see there are roughly 65 seconds of data. Again, I may be reading this incorrectly. But that is what I am seeing. And all the data is not there. The other DAT is useless.

You probably don’t have Allow Excessive Errors selected.


@deepc, here’s what happened according to your flight log:

  • The remote controller disconnected from the aircraft sometime after 2m 35.1s.

  • At 4m 6.2s, the downlink reconnected and the aircraft was auto landing.

    Note: I don’t see anything in the flight logs that explains what caused the auto landing to be triggered. Since the aircraft did not attempt to fly back to the home point, I can only assume you initiated the auto landing from within DJI GO.

  • At 4m 8.1s, you were flying at full stick forward away from the home point. The aircraft was flying too low to clear the trees and crashed near the end of the flight path here:

The last recorded location was at 40.79628177, 14.17975399. If you plug those coordinates into the map app on your mobile device and go to that location, the aircraft should be in that area.

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It’s possible that the uplink was still connected and the M2P was receiving commands from the controller. That would explain why the M2P didn’t RTH or land when the downlink was lost.

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Right – the uplink was definitely connected during most of that time. That also explains why the aircraft was not near the location where the downlink dropped after the downlink reconnected.

thanks a bunch for the info. i got the bird today. we had to get our kayak and paddle over to a remote slip of land at the base of a cliff. scramble up the beach and we found the Mavic. i looked at the video and yes, at 2 min. i lost contact. the Mavic started to return home and was overhead and did a 180 turn preparing to land. then it took off straight head, away from home and descended in a 45 degree angle straight for the spit of land.
i never regained connection on my controller. should i claim a drone malfunction with DJI?

As @BudWalker noted above, the uplink was connected for longer than a few seconds at the end of the flight log. However, since the download was disconnected, you couldn’t see the live video and telemetry data in DJI GO. That likely made it seem like the remote controller was not connected.

At 4m 6.2s in your flight log, you can see the aircraft was heading toward the crash site at full speed. You can also see you at the elevator in the full up position – commanding the aircraft at full speed ahead. You must have had that stick forward at other points too since the aircraft somehow traveled between these two points while the downlink was disconnected:

You could contact DJI support and ask them to review the aircraft DAT flight log. Perhaps they will find some kind of malfunction around the 2m 35.1s mark that makes your Mavic eligible for a repair under warranty.

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In addidtion to the above conclusions; the autoland was initiated by the RTH action after the disconnect.
In the log is the “GoHomeFinish” is seen wich is present after RTH is done home and an autolanding is performed. So somehow this drone flew the wrong way, not towards home but away fromn home.

DJI should tell more…


Hello msinger,

i am so sorry to have to post this, but i was testing my mavic 2 pro in the area surrounding my building, and somehow i did not realize while hovering left, that the drone was getting close to neighboring building. i was able to see the top of the top tower of my neighboring building and when as soon as i had a clear view forward i tried going forward to circle the building and come back home. when i tried going forward link was lost. drone never came back. i went to the building and unfurtonately the maintenance manager was not available so could not get to the roof. i am still worried it might have crashed and im trying to find out as much as possible. when i transferred the flight records form my dji app the MCDatFlightRecrds folder is empty but i was able to retrieve the txt file.

I appreciate any help you might give me on this matter.