Mavic 2 Pro Lost; Newbie Asking for Help!

Long time listener, first time caller.
I was doing a night videography flight and I think I may have experienced a “flyaway”?

Background and situation:
I’m a recreational flyer only.
VERY familiar location flying from the home where I grew up in a semi-rural area.
Had flown for days, many times from the same spot before the Final Fated Flight.

In the days prior, I’d had to re-calibrate my compass more than “normal” and two days prior to losing the drone, I’d had to re-callibrate my visual sensors. (don’t ask…THAT was an experience…what with the DJI Assistant 2. Good training but a pain.)

The night of the flight I lost signal, the RTH kicked in and the drone started GAINING altitude and flying AWAY from home. Granted I was pushing the envelope on range when I lost the signal, but I’d successfully flown this flightpath before a number of times day and night. Improving upon other videos taken before…

Trying to regain signal and take over from the erroneous info on RTH, I tried to throttle towards me with opposite results, I tried changing altitude with inconsistent results.
I also got an “Airport” warning during the takeoff…the closest airport is a small regional airport (read: not a busy airfield) 10mi from the Home/Takeoff location and our house is not in a common flight path.
Numerous unexpected warnings occurred not consistent with the location.
Can someone please help me decipher this?

Thanks MUCH for any help.

Btw…Of course this flight was the night before I returned to MY home. I did look near the last known location but when you see the flight logs you’ll understand why I didn’t spend too much time. Chances are extremely high it’s in a tree as the area is about 60-70% trees. Also lots of open fields grown very tall with natural vegetation.

I also tried AirData to explore wind conditions (it was pretty calm and the clouds were still as well) but I don’t have a premium account.


Typical example of too much wind.
In RTH drone flew backwards, with 31 pitch down 2m/s backwards.
Flying at high altitude ; often more wind than at lower alt.

In RTH drone did not gain height, it was already at 455 meters when RTH kicked in.
See my charts.

With 30% batt at the end with at this height it performed an autolanding soon after the last record in the log.


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THANK YOU JJB! Your charts are exactly what I was hoping for.
Yep…I was afraid I was just not remembering correctly. :thinking:
And I was getting so many popup warnings those last couple minutes it was impossible to make real-time sense of them. :no_mouth:
Well…I’m already shopping for the replacement drone. :slightly_smiling_face:
Really good, expensive lesson.
Thanks again! The data presented that way is a great debrief.

btw…the lesson to which I’m referring is; in the future use an independent GPS device attached to the drone. lol!

There is more on this incident over on