Mavic 2 Pro I’m calibration

I keep getting calibrate IMU on my smart controller and even after I go thru the steps to do so and it says calibration complete it continues to show the calibrate IMU…does anyone know why or how to fix this problem? Thank you…

When done, do you see an “IMU calibration complete” message like shown in this video?

Yes that’s what it says when done.

Does the IMU calibration prompt reappear every time you power on your drone or only sometimes? Please post a screenshot/photo of the message the next time it appears.

Some additional questions for you:

  • Did you crash or otherwise damage your drone between now and when this IMU calibration issue started?

  • Do you have any magnetic accessories attached to your drone?

The message does appear every time I turn the drone one and I have not crashed the drone nor do I have any attachments on the drone.

Can you post a screenshot/photo of the message so I can see what you’re describing?