Mavic 2 pro Batteries fully changed but not showing 3859mah

Hi ,
I have an M2 pro since October 2018. Have fky more package and 1 extra battery making 4 . All batteries in Airdata show less than 3850mah when fully charged (100%) one 3577 one 3337. Health is showing 99% in Airdata one 98% they have been charged 20 times some 12 times . Voltage starting in Airdata is 17.1v . I am sure I got more in beginning . Max fight time I am getting is around 23 mins landing on 15% or so . Is this to be expected or is it possible to reflash battery firmware . All batteries were produced aug 18

I discovered the same thing myself. DJI really hopes you don’t have AirData, and has removed the battery mAH from the GO 4 app for the Mavic 2. The true mAH of the M2 batteries is closer to 3500 when new, not the advertised 3850 mAH! That’s a 10% reduction, severely cutting into the advertised flight time. I have 15 M2 batteries, and even brand new M2 batteries purchased now are, at most, 3700 mAH, and quickly drop to 3500 mAH within three cycles, and settle at 3400 mAH or less within 15 cycles.

I have noticed this in Airdata too for the Mavic mini batteries . So if they are advertising or staying on the back of the M2 batteries that they 3850mah and you only getting 3700 when new then that misselling and certainly in the UK here breaching sales of goods act as its false claim.

How much flight time do you average ?

Sorry, just saw your question.
I average 22-24 minutes to 5% remaining.
On a a brand new battery, I can get up to 25 minutes for the first couple of flights. Never seen more!