Mavic 2 pro and Tripod flight issue

Hello there to all M2PRO forum.
i have noticed an issue (?) with my drone ( mavic 2 pro)
when i start to flight i set the controller on tripod mode, just to avoid some trouble cause i am a novice ,
just for exercise with the drone and controller after 10 minutes of flight and exercises once landing and shoot off the aircraft and controller is all ok but when i restart the drone again and the controller and on controller is selected by before the tripod mode the drone respond like he is in positioning mode ยง then i have to select positioning mode again and immediately to Tripod mode (T) on the controller to make it respond as tripod mode .
Is that normal or could be a firmware bug?
The controller and the aircraft are updated with the lastest firmware available .

Thank you for the kind support to my question and sorry for my bad english.
Cheers from Italy .


I have the same problem and I wonder too if it is normal but it is manageable.


Drone always start in P-GPS mode after powering up, even if the switch is on Tripod or Sport.
So make a habbit of starting in P-GPS, do the after take-off checks adn if OK, switch to another mode


Thank you Pitje and JJB for answering to my questions .
Yes you are right .I read again,this morning,the online PDF manual that is more readable than the paper manual in the box .