Mavic 2 LOGS

Hi everyone,
For a project, I need to be able to access detailed LOGs from Mavic 2.
This includes the IMU (gyroscope, acceleration) information.
Any idea how I could do this ?
DJI GO 4 gives me a .txt that I can convert in a CSV, but there is no gyroscope information.
the .dat in the iPhone contains gyro data, but there are only so few lines, doesn’t seem like it has the whole flight…
The .DAT extracted from the drone, with DJI Assistant 2, extraction and CSView gives me the same end .dat as on my iPhone.

Any hint?

Many thanks !

There are several .DAT files. The one you want is obtained like this
Retrieving a V3.DAT from the tablet

I suspect you did that but then neglected to tell CsvView or DatCon to allow excessive errors.

Thank you very much.
Just tried, but I still get a CSV with very few lines.
It doesn’t seem like to contain all flight data ?
Thanks !

Please post the .DAT. You may be looking at the wrong .DAT

I’m a new user so can’t upload…
Here’s a link of the .DAT I use :

THanks !

There are about 435 secs of data in that .DAT.

Did you tell CsvView to allow excessive errors?

Just tried again with CsvView, seems like I hav e everything !
I was using DatCon (still with excessive errors).

Thank you so much !!

Do you know how works the Offset Time ?

DatCon should work the same. Try it again just to make sure.

There is a User Manual that contains an explanation of Offset Time.

Indeed, seems to work now.
Thank you so much for your help, had been struggling so bad with that.

Also, do you know if it’s possible to increase the logging rate above 10Hz for Mavic 2 ?
And for the A3 controller ? How ?

Many thanks !

You can change the rate at which DatCon/CsvView samples the .DAT.

But, you can’t change the rate at which the .DAT is written. The tablet .DAT is much slower than the onboard .DAT. Unfortunately, the M2 onboard .DAT is encrypted. I’m not sure if DatCon will accept A3 .DATs.

Don’t you think it’s possible to increase that recording rate, through the SDK ?

A3 and Lightbridge 2 should record the same logs on the tablet hopefully…
Onboard SDK seems to be able to control logs recording rate… not sure how to do it though. I still have to dig.

Go for it!! Lemme know if you can figure out how to do that.

Well I don’t know programming ahah, so I’d have to ask someone. Will let you know :slight_smile:Thanks again