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Mav2Z have to calibrate compass every time I fly

For some reason, I must do a compass calibration before each flight w/my Mav 2 Zoom. It must be some calibration snafu, but I cannot figure out which one. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Your chosen tablet or phone might have something to do with it. DJI always plays well with Apple devices like iPad mini and iPhones. Don’t be afraid to send it to DJI. They will find the problem or problems and fix them. Plus offer you an extended warranty on their work. They have an shop in Texas, the one I used.

Mikieh51 Thanks for your suggestion. I was hoping there was some calibration issue I was unaware of, before sending it in to a DJI repair center. It dosen’t seem to have any effect on any of my flights, and I’ve even done a couple of RTH tests to see if there is any issue. Nope. Comes right back and flops down in front of me. I use a dedicated Android tablet for my drones (Samsung Galaxy TabS5e), w/only drone oriented apps installed. Never have an issue. In my view, IOS devices, being proprietary, sometimes inhibits DJI software.

I was wondering if you got the drone used. If so maybe you have to update the firmware, or you received it with the problem. My Phantom 3 used to give me calibration fits sometimes, but my M2 pro and M2 Zoom are always quite agreeable. The only reason I used dji repair was because I bought the Zoom used with a problem I couldn’t fix. They sent me a pre addressed label. Took about 1 1/2 weeks total downtime. Even gave me a discount for being a loyal dji customer. Keep me posted!