Mav 2 v. MPPlatinum waypoints not included

I’m excited to see waypoints back in DJIgo4 but does it really not included MPP? Why would they not include it in all the capasble drones of DJI?? WTH?

They could, but it would mean releasing a new firmware update for all of their drones. DJI doesn’t usually release firmware updates to add new features to old models.

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I have a Mavic Pro and just updated to latest version DJIGO4. My screen now shows waypoints as well as orbit, tripod mode and the rest, and allows me to place waypoints with c1 and delete with c2. Should be same for MPP.

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@Borzoiboy–Are you able to save the created waypoint mission for future use, too?

Without 100% certainty, I would say no. Try Litchi instead. Just my opinion.

The reason I ask, is that it does on the M2…

I didn’t try to save or reload but buttons were available all other stuff worked so I figured save and reload would as well. I’ll checked them out later.

msinger- as to my reply and yours,… I hadn’t realized that a one year old model was considered legacy. I guess that happens yearly with the release of the new model, bummer. How quick things get old.

It’s older than most people probably think. The Mavic Pro was released in September 2016. The Mavic Pro Platinum (nearly identical to the Mavic Pro) was released in August 2017.

Hmmm, got the Platinum So I’ll stix with Litchi then. Thx.

Here is a link to an instruction video on using Waypoints with your Mavic Pro. It covers everything, setting waypoints, creating a mission, saving a mission and loading a saved mission. This should answer everyone’s questions. If not, there are several other vids if you just Google “How do I use waypoints on Mavic Pro?”

Using Waypoints with Mavic Pro

Sorry, I forgot to insert the link in my previous submission.

@Borzoiboy: Can you confirm that you are also able to save the new Waypoints for reuse on your older legacy Mavic Pro, too?