Mate 10 Pro not working with P3S?

Hello, so recently after months of flying and getting a new phone i decided to sell my P3S because i got a good offer on a Mavic Pro Platinum instead.

So naturally i wanted to test the drone and i found that for whatever reason my Mate 10 pro won’t give me the option to access the camera in the dji go app even though everything is connected, it just says “how to connect”.
I gave it a try with both a Galaxy S7 and Huawei P9 and they both worked instantly and before i switched to my Mate 10 Pro i used a HTC 10 which didn’t have any problems either.
I have made sure that the app gets access to everything i can give it access to on my phone (camera, mic, storage etc.)
i’m running the newest software of EMUI and Android 9.0

Any ideas what it might be?

Wow, what a lucky for me to read this issue, because i was thinking to buy that mobile because my redmi note 5 doesn´t work properly.

Did you get any solution?