Master Airscrew Ludicrous+ defect

Recently purchased some Master Airscrew Props for my FPV. While running it on manual I was doing a maneuver and one of the blades sheer off causing my drone to spiral out of control and crash. This caused possibly irreparable damage. Has anyone else run into issues with these blades? I’ve got video, flight logs and images of the blades after the crash to back up my claims that it was not operator error

I do not use these props but I did copy your photo and enlarged it and the blades on all of your propellers look “chewed” up like they have spent some time in trees and branches chewing their way out. Looking at just the broken propeller, what caused the wavy trailing edge on the blade point up? It looks like you tried sanding out some damage. That alone could cause an imbalance that could tear the propeller apart. These propellers spin up to 10,000 RPM. A Drone is too expensive to fly with a damaged/repaired propeller.

I am just stating what I see in your photo.

First of all, I removed these from the package the day I used them. The screws look damaged because the images are taken after my drone plummeted from 5 0ft up. Next time when you’re “just stating what you see in my photos” you should consider the insulting tone you give off. If you’d like a copy of the video where the blade breaks in the middle of an open field during a simple high speed turn I’ll gladly send it to you. Nobody in their right mind would sand a screw and put it back on. Drones are expensive, that’s why when a company promoted increased performance over the oem blades I jumped on it. Little did I know I’d get a whole 7 minutes of flight with them. You seriously need to work on your “detective” skills if you’re immediately going to blame it as operator error or shady ethics.

Btw when you enlarged the image you’d have seen its a reflection of the light through the blade that caused a “Wavy trailing edge”

If you say so… then it must be… Good luck with the “irreparable damage”

Possibly was also a part of that statement as well. Im asking whether anyone has run into this issue, not a judgement of my character or ability

Jumping on a claim of a website that sounds too good to be true, and is barely true, is the cause of your mishap. Experienced pilots know to stick with OEM props. MAS props are especially brittle and will shatter like glass, while OEM props will bend and be nicked, but still keep on ticking!

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I see the absolute flaw in these props now and will no longer be purchasing them. OEM will be my go to from here on out. I do have to say MAS customer service was a gem. After reviewing the information I sent them they are covering the repairs. Would you suggest putting on screw protector rings? I flew with them on before and while they slowed me down a great deal it didn’t affect the overall handling.

I’ve haven’t seen anyone else mention this issue, but not everyone shares their mishaps online. Sticking with OEM DJI props is always a safe bet.

Are you referring to these prop guards? If so, DJI doesn’t recommend using them outdoors (as it’s rare to have zero wind outside). Here are the environments where they suggest using them in the DJI FPV Propeller Guards User Guide:


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Okay thank you for the information! So the protectors are more for people and less for the propellers

Well, they will certainly protect the props too.

There aren’t many normal flying scenarios where they can/should be used though. But, if you’re in the 1% of DJI pilots who are flying slowly indoors, then they might just be for you.