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MAR2 drone orientation wont display on screen??

Sorry guys but a new user here. I have the Mavic Air 2. I am using a Samsung S10e on my dji controller. Once everything is connected and I am ready to fly I do not have the drone orientation icon on my screen at the lower center location. Have checked to make sure my phone GPS is on. I have given permission for everything. What am i missing.


I have the same promblem. i have iphone 11 pro. didi you find a solution to your promblem?


wich fly app version do you use??

I use 1.2.5

DJI changed the AOI from 1.2.2 and further…

see (last part of the video)


Just got an air 2 and using with a Xiaomi Poco 3 Pro this also does not show the drone vs home orientation with the go fly app?