Map Fills Entire Window (New Problem)

The map is so big on my screen (even with the size set to “small” in Options) that I can’t see ANY of the rows of data in the table that’s supposed to be below, just the column headings. I’m currently running Flight Reader v.1.3.14 under Windows 10 Pro 21H1.

I don’t know if this might be relevant, but since my default browser, Firefox, upgraded last week to version 103, ALL of the windows I open inside it are zoomed in too far, but there at least I have a zoom control to fix them. See Image Size starting with Firefox 103 | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support for an explanation/solution of this problem.

Also possibly relevant: When I double-click a flight in the main window to open the flight overview with map, an error message appears from Google saying, “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” This seems minor since, after dismissing the message, the map display works fine.

Must I install Google Earth in order to view the ordinary 2-D map display? I never did this previously…

Can you share a screenshot here (or email it to me) so I can see what you’re describing?

I don’t normally use Firefox. I upgraded to version 103 today and all still looks okay in Flight Reader.

No. Google Earth is only needed if you want to view the generated KML files. And when you do that, it’s all handled directly inside of Google Earth.

Mike – Thanks for coming back. Attached (I hope) is a screen shot that shows both issues at once. The map-size option is set to small, but this setting no longer seems to have any effect. Previously it worked for me set to medium.

I mentioned the new Firefox issue because the problem description made it sound as though Windows itself might have made a change in how the accessibility/make-text-bigger setting is handled (mine is set to 125%)
, but maybe this was just Firefox… – jclarkw

Did you try reprocessing the log after changing that setting?

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Mike – I had not reprocessed until now, and the map is now smaller so that I can see several rows of data as desired. The Google error message has also gone away.

This raises new questions, however:

  1. Each time I want to change the map size, do I have to reprocess the log? It appears so…
  2. What other option changes would require reprocessing? All of them?
  3. When I upgrade Flight Reader, does that always require reprocessing all files? Perhaps so, since files I processed months ago all seem to fill the window with the map now…
  4. What’s really going on here, and why?

Regards – jclarkw

Try this, press and hold the CTRL key and slowly roll the mouse wheel backwards that should make the screen smaller. Rolling the wheel forward will make the screen larger (better for reading small print or seeing small images).

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LoudThunder – Thanks! This does provide a useful work-around for my problem, as long as the cursor is located over the table area. Of course it also makes the text smaller, so it’s not as good as getting the map size option to work.

If the cursor is over the map, however, it behaves in a similar manner to the + and - buttons on the map, except that it does not keep it centered the way those buttons do.

I’d still like to understand why the behavior of this map size option seems so odd and exactly how to control it correctly. I think I remember that its current behaviour is different from what I used to see in the past. Is there a better description of how Flight Reader operates (beyond DJI drone flight log viewer | Flight Reader) somewhere? – jclarkw

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Yes. The map view is generated at the time the log is processed – using your current map size setting. When you view the map, it’s loading the same generated file each time the map is opened.

This is a commonly asked question, so it’s probably worthwhile adjusting this feature to make it more useful. I’ll make a change in the next release to use the current map size setting each time the map view is opened.

  • “General” → “Measurement Units”
  • Anything in the “Logs/Reports” tab
  • Anything in the “KML” tab

Like the map, the KML, logs, and CSV files are also generated and stored at the time the log is processed. Any changes made to the format of any of those files would require the log to be reprocessed. For example, if a new column was added to the Aircraft Log, that new column would not appear until the log created by an older version of Flight Reader was reprocessed.

Perhaps you had the log viewer map size set to Small and accidentally changed it to Medium at some point?

All that setting does is set the height of the map in the map view. The table below then takes up whatever space is remaining in that window.

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Thanks, Mike, for the very complete answers! – jclarkw

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