Manual for DJI Go 4

About a year and a half ago I put out a manual for DJI Go 4 and shortly thereafter I realized there were a lot of omissions and errors in it. I set out to fix this and have spent months working on the final version.

The final version is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions, and if you have Kindle Unlimited it is free.

The book is called: “Going 4ward with DJI Go 4: The complete guide to configuring and using the DJI Go 4 flying app” by Donald Wiley
Here’s a link to it:
The price is $9.99 for the Kindle version and $29.95 for the printed version (Amazon’s cost structure for self-publishing unfortunately drives the pricing)

The book covers all the setting and features for DJI Go 4 in detail for all the aircraft that use Go 4.

Is there an IOS (iBooks) version

No, Amazon requires an exclusive agreement for the first 90 days of the ebook version, after that I can distribute through other channels.

Thanks Don,

Shoot a msg out here. I am not a real book person and also IOS based so need to stick with that.

I guess there could be a kindle for iPad. But all my stuff is in iBooks so…

But thanks

If you want to stay relevant, you should seriously consider working on the DJI FLY app. With GO 4, unfortunately, you are way behind the curve, as anyone still using it has figured it out by now. The popularity of the Mini 2 is the way forward, with at least a tenfold increase in market share over GO 4 drone pilots. You’ll sell 10x as many copies among all first time drone pilots and MA2 owners with a DJI FLY version. The drone pilots still able to use GO 4 are very limited in number, and more knowledgeable.

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DocDJI, where are you getting your numbers from (ie 10x as many people using DJI Fly over DJI Go 4)?

Also, why is the “Mini 2 the way forward”? Myself and many other Mavic 2 Pro owners decided “nah” only moments after it was released.


I own several M2P’s and the M2Z, which are all now over 2 years old, and for quality, they can’t be beat. However, at $1700 and $1400 they are out of reach of many “would be” drone flyers, and require registration everywhere. The 240g registration free weight of the Mini 2 and its $450 price has the Mini 2 flying off the shelves among tens of thousands of newbie drone fliers who need all the help they can get with the new FLY app. Look at the volume of Mini 2 posts on the forums. They are desperate for help. The Mavic 2 forums are now almost dead. Try a Mini 2. You will be impressed. It is the quietest DJI drone yet, and DJI will easily sell 10x as many of them this year than the total Mavic 2 sales over the last two years! GO 4 is now a legacy app. DJI Fly is the latest app for the new DJI drones, first introduced with the Mavic Air 2.

The Mini will never replace the mid-market Mavic 2 as a superior camera. As the lower models improve, so will the Mavic range (or whatever takes its place).

Sure, DJI is selling the Mini’s just like Fender sells cheapo Stratocaster packs during Christmas, though the later never managed to edge out the better quality instruments.

And while our numbers in the mid-market drones are smaller, we’re paying a lot more money. If DJI abandons us, we just add market share to other manufacturers – I doubt they’ll do that.

Do you have an official reference stating that DJI considers DJI Go 4 to be a legacy app?


I never suggested that the Mini 2 will replace the Mavic 2, or that DJI has abandoned the mid market. We are discussing the app used to control the drones, not the drones themselves. However, the Mini 2 will undoubtedly outsell the Mavic 2 series by at least 10:1. This thread is about the OP looking to sell a GO 4 app tutorial. He will sell 10x as many copies of a tutorial on DJI Fly because there will be at least 10x as many Mini 2 and Mavic 2 owners needing such help (and future aircraft using DJI Fly) as owners of legacy DJI aircraft still using GO 4, and needing help with GO 4. That is my point. If you haven’t yet realized that DJI is moving towards adopting DJI FLY for all future aircraft and away from GO 4, you soon will!