Man shoots down drone

Here’s a drone doing a good deed and looking for someone’s dog.
Drone operator not charged but the shooter was.
The shooter’s family said he didn’t know the drone was looking for a dog so he shot it down?

I get tired of reading in non drone related forums and someone wants to fly a drone.
There are always people that the first thing they say is “I’m going to bring out my 12 gauge”.
Then i remind them about shooting an FAA registered aircraft and ask if they shoot airplanes down too.
I don’t think people realize how stupid they sound when they make comments like that


Unfortunately, there will always be a small group of people in this world who are scheming up ways to destroy someone else’s property (drone or otherwise). It’s sad that some people don’t think their time would be better spent doing something to improve their lives.

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And thats why you need licences for weapons so idiots like him can have his licence revoked and weapons destroyed, He felt threatened? by a drone? what the hell is he going to do if somebody shouts at him?

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As a member of both communities (2A and drones), I’m always saddened when someone on EITHER side suggests or does something stupid and/or illegal. And BOTH sides do it. It makes it much harder on those of us who abide by the laws to exercise our right to bear arms, and to fly without burdensome restriction.

I can’t for the life of me figure out the rationale of bringing out a gun to destroy someone’s property because they don’t like it.
If someone is using their remote control car do they get in their car and go run it over?
Even if a drone is doing something illegal it doesn’t give someone the right to shoot it down.
There are so many other options to pursue.